ONLYOFFICE online document editing capability in elDoc

How did we come to ONLYOFFICE - online document editing?

In scope of adding features on online document editing to elDoc (Integrated Intelligent Automated Platform), we have considered different technical possibilities and solutions available on the market. After testing and evaluating different automated solutions - we have come to the conclusion that ONLYOFFICE online document editing capability is a very powerful tool working out-of-the-box that comes with a very cost efficient pricing for the end-user and could be a great complimentary automated capability within our Integrated Intelligent Automated Solution - elDoc. Through the evaluation we have verified that ONLYOFFICE online document editing capability meets all our requirements related to simultaneous document editing, version control, interactive on-line chat and beyond, and considering that we decided to embed ONLYOFFICE online document editing capability into elDoc (Integrated Intelligent Automated Platform) with an aim to bring integrated end-to-end document collaboration and document workflow capabilities for our Clients. And looking now back, we may say that this was a right decision we made in Y 2017.

How does ONLYOFFICE - online document editing work in elDoc?

It is very simple! ONLYOFFICE - online document editing is incorporated into elDoc. Business users with respective permissions depending on the predefined workflow scenario may enable / disable on-line document editing capability in elDoc. In case online document editing is enabled for the particular workflow in elDoc, business users will receive email notifications sent by elDoc that some documents are pending for the review / approval. Once respective business users login elDoc - they (business users) may directly navigate to online document editing. Once review is completed, elDoc may route (if such workflow scenario is set in elDoc) the document according to the configured workflow scenario / place document to the document archive where only authorized users will have access to it. The best way to know how ONLYOFFICE - online document editing works in elDoc is to watch all in actions:

Learn more through watching demo: On-line Document Collaboration in elDoc

How Clients can benefit from integrated automated solutions?

We strongly believe that combining the right stack of technologies and diversified automated capabilities with an aim to deliver integrated solutions can create a true automation value for the end-users. Bringing together ONLYOFFICE - online document editing capabilities and eDoc - Intelligent Automated capabilities can further accelerate digital transformation by supporting Clients from different industries around the globe to achieve greater operational excellence and what is most important - e2e automation. It is a great combination of technologies and automated capabilities such as document understanding powered with AI, automated document classification, data recognition, data capture and validation, document management, document workflow automation with "No Code" BPM, content management from anywhere, document archive, smart document search, document oriented CRM, organizational structure & users profiles, reporting & analytics AND online document editing available through single Integrated Intelligent Automation Platform, isn't it?

About «elDoc»

«elDoc» - Integrated Intelligent Automated Platform for Document Understanding, Document Workflow Automation and Content Management from Anywhere. «elDoc» is enterprise level solution available as SaaS and on-prem for end-to-end Intelligent Document Processing. elDoc is powered with cognitive technologies (Artificial Intelligence including Computer Vision) to be capable to process intelligently documents (scanned and digitally generated) of any complexity with further end-to-end document processing and document workflow automation.


«ONLYOFFICE» - is a project developed by experienced IT experts from Ascensio System SIA, leading IT company with headquarters in Riga, Latvia. Originally ONLYOFFICE was designed for internal team collaboration. An attempt to introduce it to a wider audience proved to be successful: ONLYOFFICE received very positive feedback from the Internet community. As a result, its functionality was considerably revised and expanded that brought about a high and stable growth of users from different countries.