elDoc - Intelligent Integrated Platform

Intelligent Integrated Platform for Document Processing and Document Workflow Automation producing reliable results you can trust

About elDoc

enterprise level solution for intelligent document processing and end-to-end document workflow automation.

  • elDoc IDP - Intelligent Document Processing, a powerful cognitive engine capable to classify, scale, recognize and retrieve data from scanned and digitally generated documents;
  • elDoc BPM - Business Process Management, a classic business process and document management capabilities enabling to set up the workflow and document forms according to different scenarios by handling exceptional cases.

Delivering exceptional values through Intelligent Integrated Platform - elDoc

elDoc - is all what you need to automate document related processes from end-to-end perspective. Digitize your business through true intelligent automation capabilities
Intelligent Document Processing (Intelligent OCR)
Document and Content Management
Business Process Management (BPM)
Access Rights Management and Security Framework
On-line Collaboration (Document Version Control)
Document Archive and Smart Document Search

elDoc Key Modules and Functionalities

elDoc is shipped with all required out-of-the-box functionalities to orchestrate document processing from end-to-end perspective. There is no need to look for any other additional components

elDoc - Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent OCR

Document Understanding: Image Classification, Image Normalization, Data Location and Data Capture, Semi-structured and Unstructured Data Conversion to structured format. 


Powered with Cognitive Capabilities and shipped with end-to-end Document Management and BPM capabilities. 

elDoc - Business Process Management

Intelligent BPM

Document Management and BPM: online document collaboration, document workflow automation, document management, document archive, intelligent document search. 


Provides all required capabilities and functionalities for end-to-end document workflow automation. 

elDoc Key Features and Capabilities

We have combined the best practices, all required keys features and capabilities for end-to-end document workflow automation into one single solution - elDoc

OCR support

Reading and recognizing machine-printed characters and numerals

Multiple languages support

For data recognition, elDoc supports over 100 languages including Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) 

Document Form Designer

elDoc has embedded Document Form Designer that enables to set up in the system various document forms without programming

OMR support

Reading and recognizing filled check-boxes and bubbles from surveys

24/7 Access from anywhere

24/7 access to Document Archive and Document Management environment from any device

Built-in BPM capability

Built-in BPM and Document Management capabilities

ICR support

Reading and recognizing hand-typed characters and numerals

User Friendly Interface

User Friendly Interface - no need to be trained to start utilizing the solution

Security, Audit and Log

High security standards for access rights management, audit & log 

Form Recognition

Document form recognition of different complexity and type

Solution with open API

elDoc can be easily integrated with any third party applications 

Document Archive and Search

elDoc has powerful Google-like document search engine, document archive with 24/7 access

How our solution is different?

We change the way how the solution is delivered to our Clients. We stand for greater flexibility, easier solution accessibility and automation completeness. We deliver true automation value and difference on how you manage, streamline your document workflow and digitize your data
Unlimited Volume

We do not limit our Client by Total Page Count. Through elDoc our Clients may process unlimited number of documents. You do not pay any more for each page of the document requiring processing

The Best All-in-One

We bring true automation value by delivering complete solution where different components such as Intelligent OCR, CV, BPM, DMS along with Security Framework are brought together

SaaS or on-PREM

elDoc is available as SaaS to greater manage your operational cost as well as on-Prem to better meet internal procedures. The way on how to deploy the solution is up to the Client

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