Document Management System - elDoc

Highly intelligent BPM (Business Process Management) solution for business process and document workflow automation

About elDoc

web-based enterprise level solution, developed on cutting-edge technologies for efficient business process and document workflow management.

  • elDoc - responsive, cloud-architectured solution of new generation for end-to-end business process and document workflow automation;
  • elDoc - all is what you need for efficient collaboration work:  24/7 access from any place and any device, user-friendly interface;
  • elDoc - it is more than just document management system. It is real-time collaboration environment with built-in digital signature, process flow designers, document form builders, TaskBot capabilities, e-document archive, business analytics, monitoring, CRM and a lot more.

Built-in Process Designers

Built-in process designers for creating and changing process flows without programming 

From 10 users to unlimited #

You can grow your business with elDoc and scale the solution easily from 10 to ulimited # of users

TaskBot capabilities

elDoc has built-in capability to desing your custom TaskBot to perform rule-based operations

24/7 Access from anywhere

24/7 access to your documents and business collaboration environment from any place and any device

Multilingual Interface

elDoc has built-in multilingual engine and solution can be easily localized 

Document Bar and QR code

Now you could easily and quickly find your document with Bar or QR code

User Friendly Interface

User Friendly Interface - no need to be trained to start utilizing the solution

Security and Digital Signature

High security standards for digital signature and access rights management 

Built-in Document Form Builder

Build your custom document form of any complexity with easy-in-use Document Form Builder

Solution with open API

elDoc can be easily integrated with any third party applications 

Real-Time Collaboration

Users can edit and work on documents simultaneously, in real-time mode

Monitoring and Analytics

Full control over performance - now your can easily identify your bottlenecks 

All is what you need to build efficient real-time collaboration environment

Create your custom document workflow without programming

Building your document workflow has never been easier. You do not need any more to involve developers to build your custom process flow. End-user can now easily build, change, customize process flow even "on the fly" utilizing built-in Process Flow designer

Get complete document management capabilities in one solution

elDoc  - is all what you need for efficient real-time collaboration and document workflow management: create and edit document online; sign off document with digital signature; run your business process and document workflows in parallel, sequential or combined mode; delegate your authorities when required, set deadlines and resolution with further follow up

Monitor the performance in real-time mode

Now you could monitor performance in real-time mode. If by any reason your colleague does not respond on your request, elDoc will trigger end-user to take the respective actions in the system

Make the work exciting and efficient for your staff

Organizational structure, extended users profiles, built-in social business gamification tools, personalized e-office room -  all is what your colleagues need to perform more efficiently

Move all your paper-based documents to e-archive

Make your business paperless and move your paper-based documents in e-Archive. Powerful search engine will enable you to find quickly any document or even fragment of text among thousands of records. You could also use bar or QR code to find in two clicks the requested document

Utilize built-in CRM capabilities to better manage your document workflow

Power your document workflow with built-in CRM capabilities: link your documents with your partners or clients to better manage your partner / client relations and data

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