Intelligent Automation and RPA enablement Solutions

Out-of-the-box solutions designed to automate intelligently document workflow processing and facilitate delivering robotic process automation projects

Intelligent Automation Solutions

elDoc - Integrated Intelligent Automated Platform

Integrated Intelligent Platform for document workflow automation. elDoc - highly robust, reliable, scalable enterprise level solution for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), Business Process Management (BPM) and Document workflow management and automation.

RPA Enablement Solutions

About Robot Trigger Tool

The Robot Trigger Tool developed by DMS Solutions is a complete intermediate solution that is designed to schedule robotic process developed on UiPath Platform in autonomous mode. Robot Trigger Tool is designed to perform all operations routines by scheduling UiPath Robotic Process at desired point of time and preparing the environment for your UiPath Robotic Process to be run in autonomous mode.

About Robot Mail Trigger Tool

The Robot Mail Trigger Tool developed by DMS Solutions is a complete solution that is designed to launch UiPath robotic process on demand via personal virtual assistant. The Robot Mail Trigger Tool Tool is designed to facilitate communication flows between business users and robots to make the life easier for business users while launching the robotic processes on demand.

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