A SaaS based Document Management Solution

elDoc - Integrated Automated Platform for Intelligent Document Processing, Document Workflow Automation and Content Management

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Simple. Robust. All-in-one Cloud Software for online document collaboration, document management and business process automation!
  • Fully-featured Integrated Automated Platform
  • Hosted by globally recognized cloud providers
  • Fully managed and maintained by the vendor

elDoc - fully-featured Integrated Automated Platform for Document Management and e2e Document Workflow Automation that is deployed in Cloud and hosted by globally recognized cloud providers. SaaS offering provides extremely notable advantages for the business by way of offering enterprise software on the subscription basis (monthly, yearly) by minimizing the cost for deployment, configuration, maintenance, and upgrade and finally providing greater scalability and flexibility for automating document workflow related processes

What is elDoc SaaS based Document Management offering?

How does elDoc SaaS based Document Management offering work?

Customers choosing elDoc SaaS offering have no hardware or software to buy, install, maintain, or update. With elDoc SaaS offering customers get instant access to Integrated Automated Platform for Online Document Collaboration and Document Workflow Automation. It is only required to have a valid subscription package and access to the Internet to enjoy all the benefits of SaaS offering

It is very simple! You may get access to elDoc SaaS offering right away by signing up and picking up the right subscription package for your automation needs. If you have any doubts or hesitations - you are more than welcome to sign up for a elDoc Free Trial version to explore greater capabilities and functionalities of the Integrated Automated Platform for Document Management and Document Workflow Automation

How to get started with elDoc SaaS based Document Management?

Key benefits of a SaaS Based Document Management Solution

There are various advantages businesses may obtain via SaaS offering. elDoc SaaS offering delivers the following core advantages vs on-premises deployment but not limited to:
Instant access

elDoc SaaS offering differs from the traditional model in the way that software is already installed and configured for business to enjoy automation benefits from day one

Lower cost

No cost for deployment & configuration. No maintenance cost. No infrastructure cost. Pay-as-you-go model offered by elDoc SaaS offering allows you to pay only for what you are using

Greater scalability

elDoc SaaS offering allows small and medium businesses to scale automation rapidly and deploy automation on a large scale in one click. You may scale automation up and down based on your business needs

Greater flexibility

elDoc SaaS offering provides an exclusive proposition for your business to use the software for the defined period and easily change the subscription package based on automation goals and business demands

Access from anywhere

elDoc SaaS offering provides web-based access allowing subscribers to access the software easily from any location, any device with an aim to manage business operations from anywhere

Access to innovation

With elDoc SaaS offering you are getting instant access to innovative solution by enjoying new features and improvements immediately, without a need to perform software upgrade

Seamless upgrade

in scope of elDoc SaaS offering - the hardware and software updates, deploying new software releases are being performed centrally by the vendor eliminating all the workloads, hassle, and additional efforts from your side

Rapid prototyping

elDoc SaaS offering is always available as a trial that provides the possibilities for you to test the solution, perform required customization and prototype the automation before actual subscription

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Increase your operational efficiency with "elDoc" - Integrated Automated Platform for Intelligent Document Processing, Document Workflow Automation and Content Management.

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