“DMS Solutions” has enhanced its Document Management Solution (elDoc) by adding new features

We are happy to announce the major release of Document Management System (elDoc), version 2.8. The release focuses on stability as well as introducing new features:

  • Document Bar Code Generation & Support: in new version 2.8. the users will be able to promptly find required document in the system using bar code feature. This functionality is aimed to significantly improve operational efficiency of document workflow management process.
  • Online Collaboration Work: in new version 2.8. the users will be able to work on the same document simultaneously. To enable our users to preview documents on-line and edit documents without its downloading we have added Only Office Editor. New added features are aimed not only at increasing the productivity but also at operational cost reduction as now the users could work with Office Package without a need to invest in licensing.

We are supporting each single client to smoothly migrate to new release to utilize new features to boost the productivity.

Clients who are willing to know more about Document Management Solution (elDoc) may send a request to office@dms-solutions and we would be happy to demo our DMS solution.

You could also find out more about our Document Management System following the link - elDoc

ABOUT DMS Solutions:

DMS Solutions is a vendor of Document Management System (elDoc) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Service Provider delivering complete and end-to-end RPA solutions. We bring together intelligent RPA platforms and RPA enablement services to drive greater efficiency and accelerate the transformation. DMS Solutions operates across industries on European, North America and Asia markets and has offices in Hong Kong and Ukraine.