elDoc – enhanced data export: intelligent document processing and document workflow management, release v.5.3.5 is now live

«DMS Solutions» is pleased to announce stable release of Integrated Intelligent Automated Platform for Document Understanding and Document Workflow Automation (elDoc), v.5.3.5.

elDoc v.5.3.5 delivers set of improvements introduced to enhance the functionality of data export.

With this release CSV-export changes its behavior in terms of combining field-values from different documents in the exported result: starting with this release CSV-export functionality combines fields with similar labels in the same columns, assuming that such fields should have the same meaning (even when coming from the different documents). This removes previously set restriction on filtering documents of the same type which was present before and now CSV-export can be applied to all documents available in the view.

We have also added support for tables export in CSV, what is more relevant to the Recognition documents, which may contain tables from the processed scanned document images.

Support of raw Recognition documents was also added so such documents can be exported as well without need to setup a conversion phase for them.

Full list of new features, improvements, tasks could be found following the link: elDoc Release Notes

Willing to know more about elDoc - Intelligent Integrated Platform for Document Processing and Document Workflow Automation, please visit the following link - elDoc

About «elDoc»
«elDoc» - Integrated Intelligent Automated Platform for Document Understanding, Document Workflow Automation and Content Management from Anywhere. «elDoc» is enterprise level solution available as SaaS and on-prem for end-to-end Intelligent Document Processing. elDoc is powered with cognitive technologies (Artificial Intelligence including Computer Vision) to be capable to process intelligently documents (scanned and digitally generated) of any complexity with further end-to-end document processing and document workflow automation.

About «DMS Solutions»
«DMS Solutions» is a Technology company delivering Intelligent Automation Solutions. «DMS Solutions» is a vendor of Integrated Intelligent Automated Platform for Document Understanding, Document Workflow Automation and Content Management from Anywhere - «elDoc».
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