How Robotics will change the workforce?

Robotics (Robotic Process Automation - RPA) is most exciting and rapidly developing field in technology at the moment. Robotics is disruptive technology that is intended to change dramatically how business operates by replacing humans with robots for operations where humans add little or no value.  Is that possible? Is that a key mission of Robotics? How this will impact People and Workforce in long-term perspective?

We suggest to answer these questions together.

Is that possible to replace humans with robots and program robots to perform operations where humans add little or no value? Yes and No. Yes, this is feasible for operations (tasks and sub-processes) of different complexity that are repetitive and standardized and do not require analysis, decision making, judgement and expertise. No, this would be a challenge to introduce robots for processes and tasks which have a quite high level of variability and require human intervention unless the operations and respective tasks and sub-processes are redesigned with an aim to reduce variability level.

Is the key mission of Robotics to replace humans with robots? No. If Robotics framework is well set up, Robotics is aimed at freeing up human capital to be redeployed on more complex, added value, high-impact functions, innovation and growth. Consequently, this would create additional opportunity for business to drive sales and development without a need to hire additional FTEs (Full Time Equivalent).

How this will impact People and Workforce in long-term perspective? There is no yet concrete answer to this question as Robotics journey has just kicked off (only 10-15 % of businesses have been piloted Robotics in Year 2015-2016) and the journey is not yet completed. However, its factored that by end of 2020 the robots would embrace 40 % of business operations and would not be treated any longer as Software/Application but conversely would be classified as company resources.  Whilst, humans would be pushed to perform more intelligent jobs which are more knowledge, relationship and social intensive that in its turn would accelerate business growth and operational productivity increase.

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