Intelligent Document Processing: document management and BPM capabilities

Intelligent Document Processing is now a part of Strategic Automation Roadmap of many high-performing organizations around the globe. However, still many enterprises know very little about this technology especially when it comes to the requirement to automate document processing lifecycle from end-to-end perspective.

In the previous materials we have already discussed what Intelligent Document Processing is: Document Understanding and e2e Intelligent Document Processing capabilities. And in this blog we will talk about the importance of having document management and document workflow (BPM) capabilities in IDP solution.

So, why these capabilities (document management and document workflows management) are so important in IDP solution? Let us list some of them to explore more:

Data validation
Intelligent Document Processing is designed to capture data from from scanned and digitally generated documents. When it comes to processing the scanned document, the recognition process could be affected by the quality of the scanned image and respectively there could be cases when IDP engine would give back the confidence level lower than defined for the specific field / data. Thus, this data should be validated by human. However, there is one important consideration: when it comes to enterprise level automation, validation process shall be set up in accordance with established business process workflows following information security standards set in the organization. Thus, it is very essential to have built-in BPM (No Code) functionality that will enable to set required document validation workflow with providing rights only to authorized staff to view, validate, edit the data.

Document lifecycle monitoring
Intelligent Document Processing is always about processing hundreds or thousands of documents per day. Each document may have its own document lifecycle with unique net processing time. Thus, it becomes increasingly important to have a functional capability to monitor the document lifecycle and view its status at any point of time (when required). Advanced Document Monitoring functionalities shall provide the capabilities to view document current state (which phases the document already passed), number of iterations, detailed document processing log, audit trail.

Document archiving and document search
Once document is processed and all data is properly recognized / validated, it is very essential to have secured and robust framework for document archiving with powerful document search capabilities. It is important to consider that in scope of end-to-end document processing the document shall be stored in the centralized location for the further references, audit, document retrieval when required. Advanced Document Search functionalities shall provide the capabilities to search the document applying diversified range of filters and be narrow content & full-text search-friendly.

The document management and BPM functionalities listed above are just a tip of iceberg and there are many other that are not less crucial and which shall be available in IDP Solution out-of-the-box when the requirement comes to end-to-end document processing.

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