Intelligent Document Processing (Intelligent OCR): getting greater insights through Analytics & Reporting

In the previous materials we have already discussed what Intelligent Document Processing is: Document Understanding and e2e Intelligent Document Processing capabilities. And in this short blog we will talk about the importance of having instant capability to generate different type of reports related to document processing through single Intelligent Integrated Automated Platform.

There are different type of reports that could be extremely useful for regular business users and management in order to get a greater insights over document processing such as:

  • Average document idle time;
  • Average document processing time (per document type);
  • Average document processing time (per user);
  • Number of documents currently in progress (per user);
  • Recognition queue utilization;
  • Number of initiated documents (per user);
  • Number of processed documents (per user).
  • etc.

Let's review in detail one of the reports "Recognition Queue Utilization" which we find very important in order to track and monitor availability of sufficient hardware resource to process floating number of documents.

This report "recognition queue utilization" becomes especially important when it is required to process large amount of scanned and digitally generated documents and / or where rapid jumps (peaks) in document volumes could take place. You might already know that image enhancement, intelligent document processing of scanned documents leveraging Computer Vision Technology and AI algorithms is CPU-heavy exercise requiring certain hardware resources. The larger amount of documents is pulled into the centralized recognition queue - the greater hardware resources might be required to be capable to cope with growing document volumes or rapid jumps in document volumes.

In the traditional OCR solutions there is no such technical capability to track and monitor the recognition queue and many companies that are using traditional OCR solutions are facing with challenge on getting the right analytics in right time to take the respective measures.

In the modern Intelligent Document Processing Solutions this feature (capability to build analytics & reporting over recognition queue utilization) is "Must have" capability and let's see how it looks like.

Illustrative example: generating recognition queue utilization report

As we may see from a short illustrative example, we may easily build the report on document recognition queue utilization which provides us with detailed overview on our hardware capacity and gives us an understanding of the recognition queue utilization rate for us to be able to take a right actions when required: either to add additional computer power, or to increase document volumes or just monitor that hardware resources are sufficient enough to process floating number of documents.

Willing to know more about e2e Intelligent Document Processing, please visit the following link - elDoc

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