Robot Mail Trigger Tool: Launching Robotic Processes developed on UiPath Platform on demand

One of the most commonly addressed question during RPA Programme deployment on a large scale on how it is possible to launch robotic processes developed on UiPath Platform on demand in most efficient and user-friendly way. Thus, in this blog we will talk about on how to better set up the framework for launching the robotic processes developed on UiPath Platform on demand by greater facilitating the communication flow between business users (human) and robots (machines).

We will consider the use case when different business users from different locations (different departments / offices / countries / territories) will need to trigger and launch different robotic processes at different point of time. The Use Case is as follows:

  • Number of robotic processes developed on UiPath Platform to be triggered / launched on demand > 3 and up to unlimited number;
  • Number of business users who are entitled to trigger / launch robotic processes on demand > 2 and up to unlimited number;
  • Business users are not willing to perform any technical routine operations to trigger / launch the required robotic process including login to central management console;
  • Business users are located in different offices / countries / territories;
  • Permission to trigger / launch particular robotic process on demand shall be granted based on Roles & Responsibilities (according to access rights management policy set within the organization).

Having applied different approaches and methods in practice to fulfill the above mentioned requirements, the most recommended will be to deploy the framework under which business users will use software robot as their personal assistant to accept the commands to trigger / launch the required robotic process. Under this framework the process for business users will look like as follows:

  • Business users send via e-email the command placed in the title of the e-mail or e-mail body e.g. “Robotic Process P005”. E-mail command is sent to the virtual robot assistant available 24/7 (dedicated robot e-mail account);
  • Once command is received from business user, virtual robot assistant sends a notification back to the business user that the command is clearly understood, and the robotic process has been successfully launched (e.g. in case the command was not correct, virtual robot assistant will support the business user to pick up a right command);
  • Once robotic process is executed, virtual robot assistant sends a notification back to the business user on status of the task execution and if required with a path / attachment of the results of works completed by specified robot.

Business users find this approach very efficient as there is no need to perform any other extra operations and sending commands via e-mail is very simple task considering also the fact that processing e-mails is a standard routine operation for any business users.

However, lets also consider what kind of operations virtual robot assistant is executing from technical perspective which is not necessary to know for business users but important to know for RPA engineers who are supporting the deployment of RPA within the organization. Virtual robot assistant or it is also called Robot Mail Trigger Tool is designed to execute the following technical operations while business users are occupied with their daily operational activities:

  • Robot Mail Trigger Tool receives commands via email to trigger the required robotic process;
  • Robot Mail Trigger Tool unlocks Windows OS by executing login of specified user (local or domain);
  • Robot Mail Trigger Tool adjusts screen resolution to enable UiPath Robotic Process to run properly;
  • Robot Mail Trigger Tool launches required UiPath Robotic Process, waits as long as required for UiPath Robotic Process to be completed;
  • Robot Mail Trigger Tool locks Windows OS and returns machine to the initial state;
  • Robot Mail Trigger Tool sends the report back via e-mail on robotic process execution status

You are welcome also to watch a short video demonstrating on how Robot Mail Trigger Tool works in practice:

Launching the robotic processes developed on UiPath Platform on demand has never been easier!

Willing to know about more Robot Mail Trigger Tool – please visit the following page: Robot Mail Trigger Tool .

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