Robotic Process Automation Real World Use Case in Banking (Commercial Retail Bank, leading EU-Banking Group)

Commercial Retail Bank that belongs to a leading EU-Banking Group initiated Robotic Process Automation project aimed at satisfying the requirements of National Bank in part of performing debtors information checks and notifying the respective local authorities on debtors which are registered in Single Registry of Ministry of Justice.

RPA Project was aimed at automating the process of performing the debtors checks of all existing clients base (more than 100 000 checks which are in equivalent would have required 473 man-days of human efforts) in order to be in compliance with recent introduced Regulations of National Bank and automating the process on debtors check from end-to-end perspective to be performed on the regular base by covering the following requirements:

  • Checking in the Core Banking Systems the clients who are subject to check as per requirements of National Bank
  • Performing additional check of clients’ base in external Single Registry of Ministry of Justice
  • Preparing notification letters to be sent out as hard copies to respective authorities on debtors which are registered in Single Registry of Ministry of Justice
  • Preparing and storing the PDF-files with check results for further audit and records tracking purposes
  • Preparing reporting on performed checks in scope of each Bank client

RPA Use Case Scope:

  • Process name: debtors check in a single Registry of Ministry of Justice
  • Involved applications: 3 (three) Core Banking Systems, external web-portal, MS Excel, corporate e-mail services, shared drive
  • RPA platform: UiPath
  • RPA deployment setup: attended mode, 1 robot (24/7) performing 100 000 checks to meet National Bank Requirements, 1 robot (24/7) performing regular check procedures as per requirements of National Bank

Benefits and outcomes:

  • Operational cost avoidance (473 man-days / 3 784 man-hours of human efforts saved in scope of performing one time compliance project to meet newly introduced requirements of National Bank)
  • Operational cost reduction (7 000 man-hours of human efforts saved per year in part of meeting the requirements of National Bank on a regular basis)
  • Achieved full compliance with requirements of National Bank
  • Achieved 100% of automation of the target process
  • Operational efficiency increased by more than 800%
  • Achieved 100% of data accuracy of target automated process
  • Development (net) delivery timeline – 4 (four) weeks.

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