XPages – leading-edge web 2.0 applications development

What is XPages?

XPages – it is innovative technology for rapid web 2.0 and mobile applications development, which goes beyond your perception on how complex business processes environment based on IBM Notes could look like.

What XPages provide Customer with?

  • 24/7 accessibility from any place and any device to customer's business working environment
  • Possibility to transform the business to boost efficiency (remote business processes management, intelligent workflow, data placement and management in cloud, etc.)
  • New modern features of programming: Java EE, Ajax, Dojo/jQuery, REST services, HTML/CSS, responsive UI design
  • Simplicity in application deployment and support
  • Possibility for remote applications update
  • Built-in support for application localization and internalization
  • Unprecedented level of data security and reliability
  • Possibility of flexible application customization per Customer's needs including integration with third systems, databases, etc.

What type of Companies would need XPages?

  • Companies which have in their IT Landscape the legacy Notes/Domino applications and that are aimed to modernize the existing solutions to become more efficient
  • Companies which are aimed to migrate to new modern digital technologies from legacy Notes/Domino
  • Companies which are aimed to create digital e-business environment on reliable, flexible and cost-efficient IBM technology to enable business to boost productivity

From where to start?
«DMS Solutions» has a unique Competence Center on XPages development. Our Team has all capabilities required for:

  • E2E legacy Notes/Domino applications modernization while storing all accumulated data and keeping existing logic of your business processes
  • E2E migration to new web 2.0. technology from legacy Notes/Domino by ensuring that all applications are optimized
  • E2E new applications development by using cutting-edge technologies

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