elDoc – Integrated Intelligent Platform for document processing and end-to-end document workflow automation, release v.5.1.0 is now live

«DMS Solutions» is pleased to announce stable release of Intelligent Integrated Platform for Document Processing and Document Workflow Automation (elDoc), version v.5.1.0.
elDoc v5.1.0 delivers major new capabilities and set of improvements introduced to enhance the functionality and the performance of the IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) Module.

Executive Summary:

Executive summary is compiled for the following versions: v.5.0.1, v.5.0.2, v.5.0.3, v.5.0.5, v.5.0.6, v.5.0.7, v.5.0.8, v.5.0.9, v.5.0.10, v.5.0.11, v.5.0.12, v.5.1.0.) containing major new features, improvements, tasks.

Major new Features:

  • Adding functionality for Previous/Next document buttons available on the RecoDoc view
  • Optimizing simultaneous access via UI to the Recognition Document on Validation step
  • Adding functionality for RecoForms selection by keywords for matching (overall speedup and optimization)
  • Adding support for defining custom artifacts cleanup parameter via advanced properties on the RecoForm
  • Making Logs page linkable to the target documents
  • Adding functionality for assigning one of the pre-selected RecoForms based on the keywords in case no form was matched
  • Adding possibility to dynamically assign group for validation based on the document's initiator user
  • Adding functionality for cleaning images with a too intensive background (adaptive threshold)
  • Sending document for validation due to resolution threshold
  • Adding support for switching OCR segmentation mode on RecoForm level
  • Recognition Document should be marked as Cancelled (in Drafts) during pre-processing in case its processing interrupted due to timeout
  • Adding support for files duplicates check in DB (based on hash-sum)
  • Persist RecoPreprocessing Queue between server restarts
  • Adding support for multi-tenancy
  • Adding functionality for automatic primary-node election in clustered deployment

Major improvements and tasks:

  • On classification based on keywords RecoForm should be assigned based on inclusive keywords only
  • UI preview: rendering DPI of the image to be increased (regions to be handled properly)
  • Recognition Document UI: provide proper notification when opened via IE
  • Adding support for PDF flipped image extraction (flipped vertical / flipped horizontal)
  • Adding support for JBIG2 image-file formats (stored within PDF)
  • Recognition Document to be Cancelled in Drafts in case of issues during pre-processing
  • UX enhancements on the validation step when selected RecoForm was replaced after RFS Import/Export
  • Adding support for the JPEG2000 format
  • Adding support for documents with flexible layout (in scope of RecoForms logic upgrade)
  • Adding handling for broken files in order to properly render document preview page
  • Adding special characters escaping for the RecoForm names while using them for saving custom pre-processed files in temp
  • Resolving issue when REST requests get a Cookie in response
  • Optimizing table processing logic
  • Scale calculation optimization
  • Offset calculation and axis shift for layout based on identified fields
  • Various code-optimizations, refactoring and fixes

Full list of new features, improvements, tasks, fixed bugs could be found following the link: elDoc Release Notes

About «elDoc»
«elDoc» - Intelligent Integrated Platform for Document Processing and Document Workflow Automation. «elDoc» - enterprise level solution for end-to-end document workflow automation and intelligent document processing. «elDoc» is powered with cognitive technologies to be capable to process intelligently documents (scanned and digitally generated) to capture the required data by converting semi-structured and unstructured data to structured format for further processing and end-to-end automation.

Willing to know more about elDoc - Intelligent Integrated Platform for Document Processing and Document Workflow Automation, please visit the following link - elDoc

About «DMS Solutions»
«DMS Solutions» is a Technology company delivering Intelligent Automation Solutions. «DMS Solutions» is a vendor of Intelligent Integrated Platform for Document Processing (IDP – Intelligent Document Processing) and Document Workflow Automation (BPM - Business Process Management) - «elDoc».
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