elDoc – Integrated Automated Platform for Intelligent Document Processing and Document Workflow Automation: v5.4.0 is now live

We are constantly working on adding new features and automated intelligent capabilities to enhance document processing functionalities of elDoc platform and we are glad to announce that v5.4.0 of elDoc platform is now live.

elDoc v5.4.0 delivers set of new features and improvements designed to make intelligent document processing via elDoc more robust, efficient, flexible and accurate. Particularly we have added in v5.4.0 the following automated capabilities:

Intelligent Document Processing: support for fields post-processing

Support for fields post-processing is a very powerful automated capability designed to provide elDoc users with possibility to introduce additional logic, cross-validation rules, data post-processing once data is captured from the scanned or digitally generated documents. Post-processing capability facilitates to achieve greater automation results and greater data accuracy by enabling the required settings in elDoc platform to perform automated data cross-validation where required (e.g. for invoice processing, when line items in invoice shall be equal to the total invoice amount, date format shall be automatically converted to target date format, currency for the specific vendor shall be only in defined currency, etc.)

Intelligent Document Processing: support for multi-page RecoForms

You might already know that functionality on multi-page document processing and multi-files document processing where different document types are spanning across multiple pages - has become available in elDoc since earlier releases. Now we have added in elDoc v5.4.0 another automated capability for elDoc to be capable also to handle documents which are multi-paged by nature.

Intelligent Document Processing: support for external OCR engines

With elDoc v5.4.0 now it becomes possible to switch between OCR engines: either to enable elDoc to use Tesseract or Google Vision for Optical Character Recognition. This capability provides greater flexibility to our clients in terms of selecting the most appropriate OCR engine for their automation needs.

Intelligent Document Processing: support for bitap in post-processing

This is a long awaited capability that is designed to enhance document processing and increase data accuracy level by using bitap in post-processing (e.g. with bitap functionality users may now create a vocabulary list of standard wordings and where OCR returns result with omission, the rules defined through the bitap functionality may automatically replace the wording with omissions with a right one from the vocabulary list, etc.).

Full list of new features, improvements, tasks could be found following the link: elDoc Release Notes

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«elDoc» - Integrated Intelligent Automated Platform for Document Understanding, Document Workflow Automation and Content Management from Anywhere. «elDoc» is enterprise level solution available as SaaS and on-prem for end-to-end Intelligent Document Processing. elDoc is powered with cognitive technologies (Artificial Intelligence including Computer Vision) to be capable to process intelligently documents (scanned and digitally generated) of any complexity with further end-to-end document processing and document workflow automation.

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