Procurement processes automation

In order to increase procurement processes efficiency, DMS Solutions Ltd is providing unique IT Solution – elProc – procurement management system.

elProc will enable your business to automatize procurement processes of any kind of its complexity including:

  • tender conduction
  • reverse auctions
  • RFQ (Requests for Quotations), etc

While providing services on procurement processes automation, DMS Solutions Ltd is using complex approach that implicates:

  • procurement processes standardization and optimization with a usage of best practice in processes optimization (Lean&Six Sigma)
  • strengthening or implementation of Demand Management function within organization
  • development of most proper IT-Solutions exclusively per Customer’s requirements
  • implementation of IT-Solution by providing guaranteed support

Moreover, elProc, developed on IBM platform with a use of cloud technologies, will enable your business not only to automatize procurement processes, but also to set up efficient and secured environment for collaboration works in the procurement area in Cloud.
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