Customer Relations Management (CRM)

How often you were facing with difficulties related to:

  • loss of key customer information due to your company’s staff leaving
  • absence of complete, reliable and actual information on customers, assets or other valuables of your company
  • impossibility to operatively respond on customers’ requests being out of the office
  • time waste on search of necessary information placed in different informational resources
  • absence of constant access to consolidated information of territory-distributed units
  • absence of limit authorization control over usage of closed (confidential) information

If you have had one of the above mentioned case in your practice – thus its time to revise your approach to customer data management and optimize customer relations management processes in your company.

Most effective and cost-efficient solutions for operative customer relations management appear FileMaker Products developed by FileMaker Inc. – Apple subsidiary company.

Why mainly those products are recommended to be used for customer data and relations management by DMS Solutions Ltd?

  • FileMaker products are mobile, flexible and simple in use solutions for data quality management
  • FileMaker products could easily work on Windows, Mac OS, as well as on iPad and iPhone
  • FileMaker products are multifunctional solutions which enable to operatively proceed huge information data, improve sales, marketing channels, customer servicing, manage more effectively projects, tasks etc.