Robot Mail Trigger Tool

Launching UiPath robotic process on demand through your personal virtual assistant. Simple tool enabling your UiPath robotic processes to be triggered on demand using the most efficient and user-friendly approach

What is Robot Mail Trigger Tool?

The Robot Mail Trigger Tool developed by DMS Solutions is a complete solution that is designed to launch UiPath robotic process on demand via personal virtual assistant. The Robot Mail Trigger Tool Tool is designed to facilitate communication flows between business users and robots to make the life easier for business users while launching the robotic processes on demand. With Robot Mail Trigger Tool now business users may send their commands via e-mail to the virtual assistant that is available 24/7 to trigger the required robotic process at any point of time.

Robot Mail Trigger Tool Key Features

Robot Mail Trigger Tool is your personal virtual assistant that is designed to accept commands via email to perform all operations routines related to launching the robots in autonomous mode, namely:
Robot Mail Trigger Tool receives commands via email to trigger the required robotic process
Robot Mail Trigger Tool launches required UiPath Robotic Process, waits as long as required for UiPath Robotic Process to be completed
Robot Mail Trigger Tool unlocks Windows OS by executing login of specified user (local or domain)
Robot Mail Trigger Tool locks Windows OS and returns machine to the initial state
Robot Mail Trigger Tool adjusts screen resolution to enable your UiPath Robotic Process to run properly
Robot Mail Trigger Tool sends the report back via e-mail on robotic process execution status

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DMS Solutions has proven track records in delivering RPA projects across industries leveraging UiPath platform and has a strong UiPath RPA Competency Centers located in Hong Kong and Central East Europe (Ukraine)

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