Achieving the highest level of operational efficiency with Robotic Process Automation

Disruptive technologies are changing the business landscape. Organizations must adapt and change the way they used to operate in order to maintain a competitive advantage and accelerate growth.
Traditional operational strategies applied across different industries have reached its highest maturity level and now offer less and less of future benefits. Respectively, business has to seek for new disruptive operational strategy to drive a greater operational efficiency and lower the operational cost in order to win on the market. What these new disruptive operational strategies are? One of them that is enabling business to drastically reduce operational cost and significantly improve operational productivity is Robotic Process Automation.

Why Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

  • RPA – is an innovative technology enabling business to automate the processes that have never been considered before for automation within extremely short period of time while having minimum investment cost.
  • RPA – is a proven operational strategy that is now being applied by many high-performing organizations with an aim to build an agile back-office with powerful digital workforce supported by Machine Learning and AI.
  • RPA – is a disruptive approach enabling business to improve operational efficiency by more than 300%.

Robotic Process Automation vs Traditional Operational Strategies

Herebelow presented the figures on efficiency gain we used to target by applying traditional operational strategies. The percentage of efficiency gain will differ from company to company depending on its operating model setup and organizational pecularities, however the overall figures represent the maximum gain that is possible to achieve having proven benefits in P&L.

  • 20-30 % of efficiency gain by applying centralization and end-to-end automation
  • 15-30% of efficiency gain by applying process reengineering (including Lean and Six Sigma)
  • 40-60 % of efficiency gain by applying business restructuring and business rightsizing
  • 30-50% of efficiency gain by applying outsourcing and offshoring

Robotic Process Automation is designed to challenge these targets by providing business with opportunity to achieve much greater benefits. The advantage of the RPA that 300% of efficiency gain is a minimum gain that is possible to achieve while deploying Robotics and real-world use cases are being proved that with RPA it is becoming feasible to achieve up to 2800% of efficiency gain. Isn’t that impressive?

Drive a greater operational efficiency with Robotic Process Automation!

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