Online document collaboration: document management from anywhere

Covid-19 accelerated digital transformations in many companies around the world. More and more institutions (including large corporate business, government authorities and even education centers) are now looking for automation possibilities to set up efficient collaboration environment for their staff to be able to collaborate and manage business processes from any location and any device.

The most discussed topic in this aspect is how to establish secured environment for all staff to collaborate when it comes to accessing sensitive information / document / content. Particularly, how to establish granular access right management framework to be in compliance with information security standards set in particular company.

In scope of setting up remote / on-line collaboration environment, there are the following most addressed by business requirements but not limited to:

  • different geographical units shall have different roles in document management system;
  • access to the particular document / information shall be provided on per user basis;
  • defined list of users shall only have a possibility to view the document without possibility to edit or download the files / documents;
  • different users from different locations shall have a possibility to access the collaboration environments from any device, instantly;
  • different users from different locations shall have a possibility to edit document simultaneously (at the same point of time);
  • smart document search capabilities shall be available out-of-the-box to quickly access the required documents (if access permissions are granted);
  • 24/7 online collaboration environment availability 24/7 to ensure business continuity from anywhere.

From the above provided list, lets consider and explore more the requirement regarding the possibility by different users to be able to edit the document simultaneously (at the same point of time). This type of the requirement is very common when it comes to the necessity to speed up review & approval processes in the organization by ensuring document version control.

Illustrative example: online document review and editing

All above mentioned requirements for the modern document management and collaboration systems are quite basic. Nowadays, document management and collaboration systems are much more advanced and are very powerful to manage the document workflow related processes not only from the classic document management perspective by also through leveraging cognitive management capabilities.

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