elDoc – Intelligent Integrated Platform for Document Processing: delivering true automation value

We are often asked by perspective clients what differences our solution (elDoc) is bringing to automate document processing and digitize the data. In our response toolkit we have dozens of response-statements from how accurate our solution is in terms of capturing and retrieving the data to what extent we leverage cognitive technologies in the solution that makes it "True Intelligent". And, to be brief - our response is concluded into three main statements:

Unlimited Document Volume

In scope of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP): we do not limit our Clients by Total Page Count. Through elDoc our Clients may process unlimited number of documents. Our Clients do not pay any more for each page of the document requiring processing what helps our Clients to quickly scale the automation within different organisational units and geographies.
In scope of Business Process Management (BPM): our Client may create in the elDoc system unlimited number of document forms to be processed through the system. We deliver true flexibility for our Clients to test and process unlimited number of documents.

The Best All-in-One

We bring true automation value by delivering complete solution where different components such as Intelligent OCR (Optical Character Recognition), CV (Computer Vision), BPM (Business Process Management), DMS (Document and Content Management), Document Archive, Smart Document Search, on-line Collaboration (including Document Versions Control) along with Access Rights Management & Security Framework are brought together. We are different from other OCR engines, that along with Intelligent OCR our clients are receiving robust Document Management Framework what enables to deliver true and end-to-end automation producing the results our Clients may trust.

SaaS and on-Prem availability

elDoc is available as SaaS to greater manage our Clients' operational cost, simplify the deployment & maintenance, facilitate scaling. As well elDoc Solution is available to be deployed on Clients' Premises to better meet internal procedures and practices. The way on how to deploy the solution is up to the Clients's requirements and automation needs.

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About «elDoc»
«elDoc» - Intelligent Integrated Platform for Document Processing and Document Workflow Automation. «elDoc» - enterprise level solution for end-to-end document workflow automation and intelligent document processing. «elDoc» is powered with cognitive technologies to be capable to process intelligently documents (scanned and digitally generated) to capture the required data by converting semi-structured and unstructured data to structured format for further processing and end-to-end automation.

About «DMS Solutions»
«DMS Solutions» is a Technology company delivering Intelligent Automation Solutions. «DMS Solutions» is a vendor of Intelligent Integrated Platform for Document Processing (IDP – Intelligent Document Processing) and Document Workflow Automation (BPM - Business Process Management) - «elDoc».
«DMS Solutions» is your professional implementation service partner in the field of Intelligent Automation and Advanced Robotic Process Automation. We leverage Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence to build a powerful digital workforce for your business to win on the market.