SaaS based Intelligent Document Processing: key advantages

Seeking for automated solution for intelligent document processing but concerned of upfront automation cost? If so, you may consider SaaS based Intelligent Document Processing offering that provides a quick, easy, and cost-efficient access to enterprise automation.

Before jumping into the discussion and listing key benefits SaaS based Intelligent Document Processing can bring to your business – let us consider first the definition of SaaS:

What is SaaS based Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)?

Software as a service (SaaS) is a cloud computing offering that provides companies with access to a cloud-based Intelligent Document Processing Solution from day one. SaaS offering provides extremely notable advantages for the business by way of offering enterprise software on the subscription basis (monthly, yearly), minimizing cost for deployment, configuration, maintenance, and upgrade and finally providing greater scalability and flexibility for automating document processing of any scale.

What are the main advantages of SaaS based IDP?

SaaS provides various cost saving, productivity and efficiency advantages compared with the traditional on-premises deployment offerings. The key advantages of SaaS based Intelligent Document Processing offering are the following but not limited to:

  • Immediate access to IDP Solution

    SaaS differs from the traditional model in the way that software under SaaS model is already installed and configured for business to enjoy automation benefits from day one. There is no need to plan the resources and spend efforts on infrastructure preparation, installing the software, performing configuration, testing – the IDP solution is available instantly.

  • Lower cost

    No cost for deployment and configuration. No maintenance cost. No infrastructure cost. If you are looking to bring intelligent document processing automation via SaaS model – you may achieve significant investment savings and reduce risks of investing on something that might not meet your automation goals once deployed. Moreover, pay-as-you-go model offered by SaaS allows businesses to pay only for what they are using under the selected subscription package.

  • Greater scalability

    SaaS allows small and medium businesses to scale automation rapidly and deploy automation on large scale in one click. You may start to process 50 documents per month and scale automation to process thousands of documents per month. Business may scale automation up and down based on business needs.

  • Greater flexibility

    SaaS provides an exclusive offering for companies to use the software for the defined period and easily change the subscription package based on automation goals and business demands.

  • Operations from anywhere

    SaaS provides web-based access allowing subscribers to access the software easily from any location and any device which is crucially important in post COVID-19 period when operating model of many businesses has been changed from working from office to remote office arrangement.

  • Brining innovation faster

    With SaaS offering it becomes possible to quickly access innovative solution and enjoy new features and improvements immediately, without a hassle to perform software upgrade. Software upgrade under SaaS offering is provided by the vendor thus business receives innovative features / capabilities instantly.

  • Seamless upgrade

    Under the SaaS offering the hardware and software updates, deploying new software releases are being performed centrally by the vendor eliminating all the workloads, hassle, and additional efforts for businesses.

  • Rapid prototyping

    True SaaS offering is always available as trial that provides the possibilities for businesses to test the solution, perform required customization and prototype the automation before actual subscription.


No doubt, SaaS offering provides various advantages for businesses of any size and scale: lower investment costs, no hassle associated with software updates, access to innovative features & capabilities instantly along with ongoing professional vendor support, continuous data back-up, possibility to run business from any place and any device, etc. Moreover, SaaS is a great alternative for businesses who do not want to heavily invest in hardware and perpetual licenses and are more willing to shift investment costs to opex (ongoing operating expense) and stay flexible.

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