Robotic Process Automation Real World Use Case in Distribution, Hong Kong (Data Capture from WhatsApp application)

One of the leading marketing, investment, and distribution company headquartered in Hong Kong initiated Robotic Process Automation project with a goal to automate the process of receiving customer orders via WhatsApp web-application with further order processing and tracking orders execution.

The aim of the RPA project was to increase operational efficiency, reduce lead time for order processing and improve customer service.

RPA Use Case Scope:

  • Process name: WhatsApp order processing
  • Involved applications: WhatsApp, MS Excel
  • RPA Platform: UiPath
  • RPA deployment setup: unattended automation

Key implemented robot's capabilities :

  • Reading unprocessed WhatsApp order messages as per defined business logic
  • Extracting all required data for order processing from the WhatsApp messages by handling different scenarios in the course that messages might have different variations and content structure
  • Filling respective Order Reports with retrieved data as per defined business rules
  • Performing post order processing as per defined business rules and forwarding the order to the respective responsible parties for the execution with performing subsequent reporting

Benefits and outcomes:

  • Achieved 100% of automation of the target process
  • Operational efficiency increased up to 300%
  • Achieved 100% of data accuracy of target automated process
  • Development (net) delivery timeline – 14 (fourteen) days

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