elDoc – Intelligent Document Processing and Document Workflow Automation, release 5.5.0.

«DMS Solutions» is pleased to announce stable release of Intelligent Integrated Platform for Document Processing and Document Workflow Automation (elDoc), version v.5.5.0.
elDoc v5.5.0 delivers new features and set of improvements that are introduced to enhance the functionality and the performance of the IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) and BPM (Business Process Management) modules.

Executive Summary:

Executive summary provides short overview of new features, improvements which were introduced in versions: v.5.4.1, v.5.4.2, v.5.4.3, v.5.4.4, v.5.4.5, v.5.5.0.

Major new Features:

  • Adding tags support on documents;
  • Adding tags support for RecoForms;
  • Providing text-only document preview functionality;
  • Adding functionality for filtering by Service Account on the Admin Docs and Logs pages;
  • Providing functionality for downloading recognition results as .odt file;
  • Company ID field should be configurable as required and unique;
  • Providing functionality for marking fields as required.

Major improvements and tasks:

  • Improving table processing functionality in terms of rows capturing;
  • BpmEngine should properly handle Resolution DocResponse for adjusted stages;
  • For documents marked for validation during post-processing (or vice versa) respective audit log record is to be added;
  • Adding support for regex in keywords;
  • Adjusting batch Suspend and Unblock actions for showing cumulative messages instead of per-document action message;
  • Adding support for default DB Client;
  • Full-text index service should support file revisions (NOTE: requires latest JMC and Full-text index service config);
  • Adding support for mydocs view and following query parameters: state, step, iteration and status;
  • Various UI & UX adjustments and general optimizations;
  • Providing functionality for performing LDAP integration diagnostics;
  • LDAP synchronization settings should allow to define top-level entry name for including into scope of sync;
  • Implementing enhancements for handling of multi-page documents;
  • Code optimizations and upgrades for configuration entries;
  • Adjustments for better compatibility of the office document conversion service with different OS;
  • Adding settings for defining execution timeout for the office document conversion service;
  • Migration to Java 11.

Full list of new features, improvements, tasks, fixed bugs could be found following the link: elDoc Release Notes

Willing to know more about elDoc - Integrated Intelligent Automated Platform for Document Understanding, Document Workflow Automation and Content Management from Anywhere, please visit the following link – elDoc

About «elDoc»

«elDoc» - Integrated Intelligent Automated Platform for Document Understanding, Document Workflow Automation and Content Management from Anywhere. «elDoc» is enterprise level solution available as SaaS and on-prem for end-to-end Intelligent Document Processing. elDoc is powered with cognitive technologies (Artificial Intelligence including Computer Vision) to be capable to process intelligently documents (scanned and digitally generated) of any complexity with further end-to-end document processing and document workflow automation.